Immigration and justice: A prayer

I’m frantically trying to get ready to go to the AP reading on Saturday, the same one I did last year (had a year really passed since then?), but in Louisville, Kentucky now instead of in Florida. I’ve had little time to write, and don’t expect to have any time this upcoming week, but I did find the following prayer on a local political site. It comes from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and addresses the controversial issue of immigration reform.

The Justice Prayer

Come, O Holy Spirit!

Come, open us to the wonder, beauty, and dignity of the diversity found in each culture,

in each face, and in each experience we have of the other among us.

Come, fill us with generosity,

as we are challenged to let go and allow others to share with us

the goods and beauty of earth.

Come, heal the divisions

that keep us from seeing the face of Christ in all men, women and children.

Come, free us to stand with and for those

who must leave their own lands in order to find work, security, and welcome in a new land – one that has enough to share.

Come, bring us understanding, inspiration, wisdom, and

the courage needed to embrace change and stay on the journey.

Come, O Holy Spirit,

show us the way.

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