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Snippets, because time just won’t stand still

  • It’s been crazy busy. Zeke and I are participating in my college’s performance of the Vagina Monologues next week, so we’ve been rushing off to rehearsal most evenings, or having all-girl sleepovers for practice (she and three of her friends are involved. Two of her friends are sharing “My Short Skirt” with her, and one is doing a piece for a companion monologue.)
  • I’ve been trying to childproof all my lower-level kitchen cabinets. Sadie, having been given a second chance at life, has decided to teach herself a new trick: open the cabinets and pull everything out, then tear up anything that might potentially contain food. Last weekend I screwed in a nice little spring-loaded child lock on the under-the-sink garbage cabinet. One of the many kids who’s been spilling in and out of the house recently promptly broke it. So as a stop gap measure this week I put a stool in front of the cabinet, which prompted Sadie to move to the next cabinet, containing the dog food, and open it and scatter dog food all over the kitchen. So now I have a packet of 14 locks, and none of my cabinets will be free from the attack of my cordless screwdriver.
  • I agreed to review a textbook manuscript. The deadline was a week ago, but I begged for a reprieve because it was taking me literally hours and I was running out of time. (I’ll never review a textbook manuscript again. The measly pittance they offered me worked out to barely minimum wage.) It doesn’t help that the book should never have been at the review stage anyway. Anyway, I finally got it done, and basically trashed it. I felt bad, but to my surprise the editor liked my comments, saying she’d suspected the writing suffered from some of the same problems I’d noted.
  • I haven’t seen my dad since the beginning of December. The pass has been nasty or closed the past few weeks. Over Christmas, when it was open, he was in Ireland. After he got back, the mountains got slammed with snow, and as far as I can tell the pass has been closed more than it’s been open for the past two weeks. I feel bad. I call him, check in on him, and wish I could rent a helicopter or something to go visit him. (I have decided against any kind of commercial plane flying unless I absolutely HAVE to.)
  • The Great Thaw has begun. We’ve been in a deep freeze her for weeks. Snow, ice, temporary almost-warmth, and then ice again. Then the temperatures rose and the far hills lost their blankets of white, and the snow in town drips and spreads and melts and suffuses, and the mud rises. I walked the dogs in a big field the other day, while I was waiting for Zeke’s friend to wash the dishes before we headed for VM rehearsals. Within a split second, both creatures were caked in mud, and so was I. Sticky nasty stuff, clinging to puppy pads and shoe bottoms, climbing up legs, gluey between fingers. With resignation, I opened the car door and let them in. What else could I do? Now I have a filthy car to clean…
  • It is now time for me to do taxi duty. Teenagers need to be run from one end of town to the other to meet various obligations. I wonder why I’ve always tended to be the parent who was willing to drive her kid’s friends anywhere, while the other parents call and say, “Have Sonia back by 7:00.” At least a couple of Zeke’s friends can drive themselves now! That will save on the price of fuel, and the wear and tear on my rapidly aging, not-so-long-ago new car.
  • Incidentely, there’s something rewarding about not having to try to organize one’s writing. These snippets are kind of fun. This was the quickest post I’ve written in a while!