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coloured concrete start packs price…

WordPress has a stats page where you can check out how many people visit your blog, and where they come from, and in some cases why.

For some absolutely inexplicable reason, Dogpile ranked me #1 for the search string “coloured concrete start packs price.” Customers looking for the price of starter packs of colored concrete got to check out my holly bush entry of a week or so ago, a rather strange dream with a s*exual overtone. I don’t think any of the words in the search string are in it, although I haven’t really looked that hard to find out. They’re certainly not there in that order, and the word colored, if it is in there, will not be spelt with a U. That particular spelling was beaten out of me with low grades within a month or two of me starting school over here, as were all the other peculiar differences of spelling and punctuation between Ireland and the U.S.

More amazingly, Dogpile claims it is considered “#1 in customer satisfaction.” Hmmmm.