The sun shines on the water and the mountains. I’m sitting in Dad’s house, waiting for Zeke to get up, and wondering about the rhythms of my life, the way the summer, which always stretches forward with such long, irresistible beauty as it approaches, jolts into a period of half-time jerky rushing here-and-there timelessness the moment it actually starts. I’ve been on break for the past week, but have worked every day — moving my office, filing stacks of papers, prepping for classes, which start next week. I’m teaching two classes, partly to pay the mortgage, and partly in my efforts to save for Zeke’s college days, which are rapidly approaching.

And I just wrote a whole long piece that vanished….. So that’s that…

4 responses to “Blocked

  1. I love this , the spontaneity of it.

    And that first sentence hooked me. Happy solstice Tky.

  2. Summer has always seemed bittersweet to me…the way that I feel I’m always trying to make every moment longer before the days get shorter, but all to no avail. The summer rushes past.

    I miss your classes…my life seemed to make more sense to me back then…

  3. mm: Happy solstice. I just had a great day, the first relaxing day in weeks, playing chess, kicking the ball around with N, actually writing on the blog! Maybe summer starts not with the break but with the solstice. I can hope, anyway. 🙂

    Bethany: It’s great to see you. One of my retired colleagues, when asked how his summer was going back in the days he was teaching, used to say, “One f….ing day closer to fall.” I guess it’s good he retired! Anyway, I understand that bittersweet feeling on the solstice. It’s the “beginning” of summer, in one way, but also the beginning of the turn back to darkness. Sigh. Well, I refuse to think of it!

    Dale: Ack! Exactly. 🙂

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