Thinking about….

  • The woman in Idaho who may have shot three of her kids (killing one) and killed herself, perhaps because she suffered from post-partum depression
  • Original sin and Catholicism and Augustine and Huston Smith
  • Addressing religion in the composition classroom
  • Reposting my depression experience from Blog-City here for a couple of people who have said they’d be interested in (re)reading it.
  • My wonderful Victorian and 20th century lit class, and how much fun it’s been.
  • My new treadmill
  • Why I haven’t finished revising my Esperanca story (lack of time!). But I am thinking about it, and will get back to it.
  • Pseudonyms versus real names (for the Esperanca story)
  • The German Shepherd who saved me from rape and worse, many years ago
  • I’ve forgotten. There are other things, too, all bouncing around in my head, demanding attention.

“There will be time, there will be time, to prepare the blogs to address the blogs that you love to read.” OK, badly bowdlerized, and it’s not exactly parallel (I doubt Eliot would approve), but still….

4 responses to “Thinking about….

  1. You have a lot on your mind! I’ll look forward to hearing about any or all of it.

    (And I do hope you’ll post the depression piece/s.)

  2. I can’t get Elizabeth Duman out of my mind. All reports since the shooting, all of the remarks from friends, have been that she was the nicest, most generous, loving mother. Cheerful, inspiring to others, etc.

    She left a note telling the older children (I guess several elementary-age kids were at school) to call 911 when they got home, but thankfully, the father came home first. I don’t know why that makes it more chilling to me, but maybe because she could step outside the moment and think of the other children and still go on and shoot her three youngest. That just doesn’t add up for me, but I’ll likely never understand.

    If the two-month-old baby survives, how does she accept the fact that her mother shot her when she was a baby? Will the older ones tell her what their mother was REALLY like, before this tragedy?

    Sorry – it’s been running on a loop in my own mind!

    (And I have to remind myself that we don’t know that she was suffering from depression, post-partum or otherwise. It’s an easy assumption, given how recently she’d given birth to her eighth child, but we really don’t know. There’s so much that we’ll never know.)

  3. Now you made me wonder about Huston Smith since I’ve never heard of him until you mentioned him and I looked at his home page.

  4. The details are different – obviously – but I know the feeling. Everything jumping around in the mind.

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