On Definitions

There is, of course, my definition of “relaxing.” What it means is a day I can spend cleaning the house and doing laundry at leisure, rather than having to do it at 11:00 o’clock at night because I can’t stand the mud marks on the floor any more or I have nothing to wear the following day. A day when I don’t “do” anything is a day when I do a lot, really. Clean out the fridge, file papers, wash windows. I can only read for a half hour before the nagging begins: “Stop sitting around and doing nothing, for Christ’s sake. When was the last time you gave the downstairs bathroom a good going over? And the dogs need baths, too. You need to run out to the college with all that paper to recycle, and . . . ” On and on it goes.

Still, I like it. The house quiet. Work to be done. Not feeling rushed.

2 responses to “On Definitions

  1. “A day when I don’t ‘do’ anything is a day when I do a lot, really.”

    I’m with you. That’s how it is for me, too.

  2. That all sounds so domestically wonderful.

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