Three things

  1. Yesterday Zeke went to Homecoming with a friend. He looked handsome and she looked elegant as they posed for pictures. Later she told me that he was happy he went with her because she likes to dance. They spent most of the evening dancing together, instead of standing around. (“I hate standing around,” he said.) Today he told her he was gay. “I know,” she told him. His sexual disinterest in her is one of the best parts of their friendship for her. They can dance and have a good time and she doesn’t have to worry that he “likes” her. He was relieved, and now they’re making plans for Harvest. I love her friends.
  2. Today Sadie played. She grabbed a sock from Zeke’s room and threw it around the room,pouncing on it, then tossing it in the air. She flung herself at me: “Come on, come on, let’s run!” She didn’t look like she was trying to forget that she felt sick. And she ate a new and different kind of dog food, along with the liver I still cook her, and her milkbones. Every little step is a triumph. Oh, and she climbed into the neighbor’s yard and terrorized their old black Lab, something she’s never done before. Maybe she thinks she can get away with anything now that I have her home!
  3. It’s a beautiful fall: crisp mornings, warm days filled with color, and mellow evenings touched with the first hint of frosty dusk.

One response to “Three things

  1. All good things – I’m so glad about all of them. Life is good.

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