Holding on

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Sadie’s holding on. I transfered her from the emergency hospital to the regular vet today. When I tried to leave her in the new cage, she grabbed me with her front legs like a little child clinging to Mom. Arms around my neck, her nose on my nose, pleading.

“I have to leave you,” I said. “I have to. You have to be here for a bit.” She pressed herself against the front of the cage, her eyes fixed on mine as I walked out. She has energy to cling to me, I think. Energy to shoot me angry looks for leaving.

Her liver enzymes are still increasing, a bad sign. The vet tells me that dogs can regenerate their livers even if only 10% of the organ is left. “If she has less than 10%,” she says, “well….” Add failing liver to the danger of rupture. But she had the energy to wake when she heard my voice in the emergency vet hospital, to stand and pace, waiting for me, to cock her ears in my direction.

“She’s doing about the same,” they tell me, every time I call. In the morning, they’ll check her enzymes again. I pray the numbers drop, that the signs of healing begin.

Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers.

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3 responses to “Holding on

  1. Tarakuanyin,
    I’m so sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with you and Sadie, It must be all the more difficult for this to have happened around such a sad anniversary.
    Will be thinking of you,

  2. TK, tried to comment yesterday but didn’t get through — hugs. Saying om mani’s for Sadie.


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