Many faiths, one heart

Seen on a fountain in a garden at the Cathedral of the Assumption today. I’m frustrated I didn’t bring my camera. “Many faiths, one heart. Cathedral of the Assumption Foundation.”

I’m done…. Flying out of Louisville tomorrow early. It was a haul, exhausting and sometimes hilarious.

  • “I don’t know what syntax is, but that isn’t going to stop me talking about it.”
  • The characters in this story are really really complicated and so the writing is really complited and so is the syntix and the details.
  • The father is a simple man, and so he speaks in really short sentences.
  • The syntax is just a bunch of really long runon sentences that go on and on and signify how the father and son really are detached from each other and even hate each other.
  • The rod has really pretty letters on it, beautiful wingdings. (It’s meant to be windings.)
  • The rod is married. “The ‘beautiful weddings’ on the rod signify it’s singificance to the father and the son.


But I’m done. I read over 1000 essays in seven days. I ate a lot of greasy overcooked food, so much that today I just stopped eating. My body said “enough already,” and now I’m hungry because it’s the next day and I’m finally winding down.

I met a postcolonialist from India too late to get a really good conversation going, and I’m sad because we had similar reactions to being expatriates. I’d like to know more about Calcutta.
Bed time.

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